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E-Books: Brill

Brill e-books

Pepperdine University Libraries has a collection of e-books from Brill you may view and download. These are DRM-free.

You can find Brill titles using the library catalog or by visiting Brill. Before visiting Brill, you’ll be asked to sign in with your WaveNet account.

The following Brill e-book collections are accessible, and can be browsed here.

Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East, and Early Christianity, 2007-2014
(Biblical Studies, Ancient Judaism, Ancient Near East, Egyptology, Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnosticism & Manichaeism, Early Church & Patristics)

Classical Studies, 2007-2014
(Ancient Philosophy, Ancient History, Ancient Religion, Greek and Roman Literature, Epigraphy & Papyrology, Archaeology)

Middle East and Islamic Studies, 2007-2014
(Islam, History, Culture, Language, Philosophy, Theology, Mysticism, Social and Political Studies)

Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy, 2007-2014
(Religious Studies, Theology, Philosophy, Christianity, History of Religion, Religion & Society, Missionary Studies)

Finding and Downloading Springer e-books

To browse or find Brill e-books, click E-Books on the Brill Online site.

Doing so will allow you t
o browse all books available from Brill

 Titles that are accessible will be indicated with a green box:


You can download the entire book as a PDF by clicking "Read" under "Access full text book"

If you prefer to download a specific chapter, first click the "Chapters" tab:

Locate the title of a chapter and then follow the steps above to download it by clicking the "Read" button.