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EBL Overview

All books have a free browse period (10 minutes for owned books, 5 minutes for non-owned books). When a book is browsed, it is not counted as a loan. When a book is read after the browse period, a short term loan is triggered, which provides access to a single user for a specified period of time (1 day).

Lending Models:
There are multiple lending models on Ebook Central, depending on the title's license (set by the publisher):

  • Non-Linear Lending – Unlimited users. Each "copy" of an ebook that a library purchases via Non-Linear Lending allows up to 325 loan instances per year.  At the end of the lending year, these 325 loan instances automatically renew at no additional cost.
  • Textbook Lending Model – Same as non-linear, but limited to 3 simultaneous users per copy.
  • Unlimited Access – No restrictions on loan instances or simultaneous users.
  • Single User Model – One concurrent user may access the book.



EBSCO offers the following lending models (determined by the publisher):

  • Unlimited Users (UU)
    Unlimited simultaneous users per title.

  • Three Users (3U)
    Three simultaneous users per title.

  • One User (1U) titles
    One user at a time.