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E-Books: Gale

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Pepperdine University Libraries has a collection of Gale Virtual Reference e-books you may view and download.  You can find Gale titles using the library catalog or by visiting the Gale Virtual Reference collection.  Before accessing this resource you will be asked to sign in with your WaveNet account.

Helpful Links

Finding and Viewing Gale e-books

You can access Gale titles from the Library Catalog or from the Gale Virtual Reference Library webpage.

To find Gale Virtual Reference titles, you can perform a keyword search in the search box, or browse by subjects on the left-hand column and center of the page.


Gale Virtual Reference Library's search results display offers a number of options:


  • Click the title to begin reading the selected chapter
  • The smaller text below the chapter's title is the title of the ebook. Click the ebook's title to go to the Table of Contents.
  • Alternatively, Clicking View Text in the search results will also take you to the selected chapter.
  • Click PDF to begin reading a PDF version.


Once you have begun reading a chapter, you can use the tool bar at the top of the page to print, e-mail, Download (HTML or PDF), Cite, Translate, or Listen to the chapter.


You can also search the ebook using the search box below the tool bar or switch from reading a PDF or text version in the online reader by clicking the desired button above the tool bar.

Note: Individual chapters or articles may be downloaded, but not ebooks in their entirety.

For additional information on transferring downloaded Gale Virtual Reference chapters to your mobile device or tablet, click here.