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E-Books: ACLS Humanities

What is ACLS?

Pepperdine University Libraries has a collection of American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) e-books. You can find ACLS ebook titles using the library catalog or by browsing the ACLS web page.  Before entering ACLS, you’ll be asked to sign in with your WaveNet account.

Viewing and Downloading ACLS E-Books

When accessing an ACLS e-book from the library’s catalog or ACLS webpage, you begin at the detailed record for your book.  Here you can find information about the title, the table of contents, and reviews of the ebook.




Click on a specific chapter from the table of contents to begin reading the title online. This will take you to the specified chapter of the book.



ACLS allows users to download 10 pages of a title at a time. To download a portion of the chapter for offline reading on your computer or tablet, click "PDF" at the top of the chapter page. Next, choose the first page of the book's section you would like to download (for example, choosing page 5 in the drop-down list exports a PDF file containing pages 5-14) and then click "Download PDF."