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Photoshop Workshop for Beginners: Removing Red Eye


This walkthrough is based on Sue Chastain's online tutorial, How To Remove Red Eye in Photoshop Manually:

Step 1

Open your image in Photoshop. The photo we'll work with in this walkthrough is below.

photo of girl with red eye

Step 2

The first step is to duplicate the image, so you can work with a copy and not the original. Open the Image menu and select Duplicate.

Duplicate Image

Step 3

Close the original image and work with the copy going forward.

Copy of image

Step 4

Go to Window >> Arrange >> New Window for [Filename] to open the file in another window. You'll then have the same file open in two windows.

open file in another window

Step 5

Choose one of the files, and then zoom in on the picture as much as you possibly can, and then make sure the eye is in the frame as shown below.

Step 6

Select the Eye Dropper tool from the left menu.

eyedropper tool

Step 7

Use the Eye Dropper tool to select a color from the zoomed in picture. Ideally, the color should be a mix of gray and the eye color (as shown below).

select color

Step 8

Then select the Brush tool.

Brush tool

Step 9

Create a new layer before you paint anything with the Brush tool!

create a new layer

Step 10

Select the new layer in the Layer menu and then paint over the red parts of the eye with the Brush tool. Be sure to do both eyes.

paint over the red with the brush tool

Step 11

Add a Gaussian Blur to this new layer. Go to Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur.

Add a Gaussian Blur

Step 12

When prompted, give the Gaussian Blur a 1.0 pixel blur radius as shown below.

Gaussian Blur Menu

Step 13

Open the blending options for this new layer: Layer >> Layer Style >> Blending Options.

Open Blending Options Red Eye

Step 14

Go to the Blend Mode dropdown and select Saturation. Click OK.

Add Saturation Blend Mode

Step 15

Duplicate the layer you just added the Saturation to (probably called Layer 1 unless you renamed it). Be sure the layer is selected, then go to Layer >> Duplicate Layer.

Duplicate Layer Red Eye

Step 16

Add a Hue Blend Mode to the new layer. Adjust the Opacity of the Hue as needed. That should leave the eyes looking pretty good.

Add Hue Blend Mode

Side-by-Side Comparison

Below is a view of the final product with one eye fixed and the other untouched for the purposes of comparison.

one eye done