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Mobile Apps and Websites: Cambridge Journals

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Cambridge Journals Mobile Site

Leading peer-reviewed journals across multiple subject areas.

Step 1

Go to the Login/Register screen.

Register for an Account

Step 2

Scroll down to enter your information.

Scroll down to enter your information

Step 3

That completes the first part of your registration. Check the email account you registered with to complete it.

Part one of registration completed

Step 4

Click the link in the email you receive from Cambridge Journals.

Email you'll receive from Cambridge Journals

Step 5

Open the site on your phone and go to the Login/Register screen. Login with your new credentials.

Log in to the site on your phone using your new log in credentials

Step 6

Next, go to "Twin this Device" and fill in the form.

Twin the device

Step 7

When you see this screen, you know that you have been successful. You now have access to Pepperdine University's subscriptions to Cambridge Journals for 90 days.

Successful Twinning

Step 8

You can now return to the search screen and enter keyword searches.

Search in Cambridge Journals

Step 9

Scroll through the results to find articles for download and purchase. Not all articles will be available through Pepperdine University's subscriptions.

Scroll through results

Step 10

Read articles on your device or email the PDF to yourself as an attachment for future reading or printing.

Ernest Hemingway article from Cambridge Journals