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International Programs Student Worker Guide: Semester Long Projects

Inventory the Collection


Collection Inventory

Goal: Monitor how students use the physical collection. Are they using library materials in the library, are they checking out items?  Verify that the books on the shelves match the inventory list, which is shared with you as a Google doc. We would like to have a complete list of everything that is present in the library. This will be an ongoing project throughout the semester.
  • At the beginning and end of each semester, announce to the program to return any books that have been checked out, or any stray books that they find. To the best of our abilities, we want to start and end each semester with the full collection in the library.
  • Shelf read (put the books in order by LC call number). Please refer to the Shelf Reading tab or to the training module to review LC call number order.
  • Compare the inventory list to the books on the shelf, checking all the fields (call number, title, and barcode). 
  • Mark titles that are present with a check mark. Highlight titles that appear missing in yellow.
  • If extra books are found on the shelves, we need to know what they are to make a decision to add them or not. Please take pictures of the title page and verso of the title page (back side). Add these pictures to your Google slideshow in your shared folder. without Pepperdine stamps or labels, stack them in a place you designate in the library as the "orphan book corner."

  •  Books will be coming and leaving the library throughout the course of this inventory process, which is totally fine and is to be expected. When books are returned check the titles against items you highlighted as missing and the amend the inventory sheet so it reflects that the book is present. 

EFT Pamphlets

Two weeks before your EFT trip create a pamphlet with helpful travel tips and distribute it one week before the trip.  

Special Note for Shanghai: This is a program-wide assignment and every student is required to submit a section; so just let me know what section is yours. 


Create Your Own...

These look different in each program. Try to things that will help students take advantage of things they can only take advantage of abroad


Writing Center (feedback, recommendations...)

Leave Welcome letter for next student (SPRING)

Gathering Archival information about your year:

Document student life (photos of house events...)


Newspapers / IP program adds/ Orientation materials …


Travel advice (local or explorers)

IP InfoGuide Redesign


Host events (ex: cookies and a study session)

Gather class information (specific assignments for classes taught by visiting and non-visiting professors; if you learn the teaching structure such as the same person teaches X or all professors take turns teaching Y.)

Feedback on research help - are the InfoGuides helpful?

Polls or Interviews

Across campus communication (Student worker to student work or broader)

Photo context among student workers (which can also go in the archive.)

Photo context for students – (which can also go in the archive.)

Shanghai 2019/20: Gen Lab 360 Camera- ask Landon

Create and share a special project list with future workers can tackle



Coffee & Chinese

Study Groups

City Guides

Local Places to Visit

Knitting Club

Bible Study

Book Survey /Wish List