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International Programs Student Worker Guide: Summer Review

How To Review

Review everything on this page and explore the other tabs in this InfoGuide for information in blue.  Then you'll need to answer a questionnaire (it can be an open book quiz).





You're not alone; transfer difficult research questions to the librarians. You can email us directly or show students how to message us using “Ask A Librarian.” Also, remember we created the InfoGuides in “Research Help for Your Classes” which recommended databases and link to eBooks.  We don’t expect you to answer ALL the questions. 



Modified Inventory Project. This has been demoted to a secondary project, do it during downtime. All you need to do is mark items that appear missing by highlighting them on the inventory sheet you’ll find in your Google folder. Idenify orphan items and stack them in place you designate (taking photos of the title page has been suspended.)

I would like you to see how your library is organized. please map where materials are shelved. For example, the first shelve has books from A-C and perhaps your predecessor pulled travel books and placed them in a special location. sketch a rough floor plan of the the shelving and supplement with photos.

Searching the catalog- our catalog has had a facelift (all the parts are the same but there in different places or look different) ADD IMAGES 

Website refresh- if applicable ADD IMAGES 


What is your job?

Job Tasks: 

Assisting Students 

-Be friendly and available to assist 

-See Research to refresh on the types of research questions you may be asked to help with. 

-See Peer Writing Consultant (refresh on the support you and don’t provide and how to log when you help peers- don’t work more than 5 hours a week

-ILL can’t be used to request books but you can request chapters and articles be sent. If Pepperdine owns a book you may have to manually fill out a "chapter" request form in ILL and add a message in the "notes" field that you are abroad.


Getting Started Checklist

Getting Started Checklist:

  • Meet your in-country supervisor 
  • Choose your schedule and email it to me 
  • Get the detailed program schedule and email it to me 
  • Introduce yourself (and explain what you do) to your fellow students
  • Submit via the Action and Objects form either an account of how you introduced yourself to the students or your plan for introducing yourself. Tell me how your meeting with your in-country supervisor went 
  • See if any books were ordered during the summer that need labels and shelved 
  • Confirm you access to your Google Doc ...