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Listening Summit in Buenos Aires: Finding Articles

Getting Started

These online sources are good places to start your research. For quick reference, hold your mouse over a link for a brief description of the resource.

For more suggested sources, go to the tabs at the top of the page.

Search Tips

South America covers the following geographic areas and countries:

South America Suriname Peru
Argentina Paraguay French Guiana
Brazil Uruguay Venezuala
Chile Guyana Bolivia
Colombia Falkland Islands Ecuador






Latin America covers the following geographic areas and countries:

Central America Latin America Belize
Guatemala Honduras Panama
El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica

You can use key word search to retrieve materials pertaining to any of these places by combining the name of the countries or areas and key words such as:

democracy political parties
economic development politics
government population control
history Mesoamerican Biodiversity hotspot
human rights Ibero-America

Please use different words that describe your topic until you find material that suits your needs. If none of your searches  work, please go to Chat Reference for some quick help.

Databases Specific to Argentina

Argentina's Gauchos