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ECNM 657. Prices, Profit, and the Market Economy Prof. Nickles: Company Research

Company Profiles & Articles

 LexisNexis Academic

Good source for Hoover’s company reports and articles

 Example: I want a Hoover’s company report for General Electric

  • Go to the Get Company Info section and click Company Profiles
  • Change Everywhere to Company name with the pull-down menu and type General Elecdtric into the box
  • Click the box for Hoover’s Company & Industry Reports
  • Click Search
  • Click on General Electric Company

Business Source Premier

Great source for articles.  Contains indexing and abstracts for more than 3,200 business-related periodicals with coverage back as far as the first half of the 20th century with full text for more than 2,300 periodicals, including nearly 1,100 full-text peer-reviewed journals. Business Source Premier offers unparalleled full text coverage of journals in marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance, econometrics, economics, international business, and more.

Example:  I want to find articles on Friendly Ice Cream

  • Type in Friendly Ice Cream in the first box
  • In the pull down menu, Click on CO Company Entity
  • Click Search


Good source for articles. It's coverage of international publications is especially strong.

Example: I need articles about Toshiba's strategies.

  • Select Search at the top of the screen and select Search Builder
  • Type Toshiba and strateg$ into the search box (strateg$ provides results for strategy, strategies, strategy, etc.)
  • Select in the last Year for the date
  • Scroll down to More Options and click the link
  • Click the box for Exclude Recurring pricing and market data
  • Click  Search
  • Use the pull-down menu top sort articles by relevance instead of by date
  • You can also scroll down to the Region box to limit articles to specific regions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find corporate organizational charts?

    • The Annual Report or 10K of the company in question. These reports can be found in the Mergent Online Database
    • Here is a wiki devoted to corporate org charts, but since anyone can add information, it should be used with caution:

    Where can I find company histories?

    How do I compare a company to others in its industry? Use Factiva

    • Click on from the grey band across the top.Companies/Markets
    • Click on Company below the band.
    • Search by company name or ticker.
    • Click on Peer Comparison on the left hand side.
    • Additionally you can click on Reports on the left hand side.
    • Select Ratio Comparison Report froom the drop-down menu.

    Can I get a Harvard Business Case Study through the Library?

    • No, because of copyright issues, copies of active cases may be searched and purchased through Harvard Business Publishing. Please visit the HBP web site for more information.
    Where can I get a list of competitors for my company?  Log on to Mergent Online
    • Type in the name of the Company you want the competitors for or their stock symbol
    • Click Competitors

    Company Financial Information

    Mergent Online 

    Contains balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement and ratio data for the past 15 years.

    Example: I need income statement, balance sheet and cash flow data for General Electric

    • Type in either General Electric or the ticker symbol (GE) into the box
    • Click Go
    • Select General Electric
    •  Click Company Financials
    • Use the pull-down menu to select the type of financial data (Balance Sheet, Income Statement or Cash Flow)
    • Use the pull-down menu to select the number of years of financial data (3, 5, 7, 10 or 15)
    • Select the Years you need with the pull-down menu
    • Click Refresh
    •  Go to the Company Details section and then select Reports to locate an annual report

    Example: I need a 10-K/Annual reports from  General Electric.

    • Type in either General Electric or the ticker symbol (GE) into the box
    • Click Go
    • Click the link for Reports
    • Search the document for terms such as competition, segment reporting, etc.

    Please note: If you are researching a foreign company traded on a U.S. exchange you will search for the company’s 20-F instead of the 10-K.

    Value Line Research Center

    Example: I need an investment analysis for Cognizant.

    • Type the ticker symbol for Cognizant (CTSH) into the search box at the top and click Search
    • Click the link for View Full Research Report


    Example:  I need financial information for Harley Davidson.

    • Click on Companies/Markets
    • Click on Company
    • Under Get Company Snapshot change searach box to Company Name
    • Type in Harley-Davidson
    • Click Search
    • Click on Harley-Davidson Inc.
    • Click on Custom Reports
    • Check the box: 
    • Click View Report

    SWOT Analysis

    What is a SWOT analysis?

    Doing SWOT analyses is such a ubiquitous part of business consulting that few bother to consider its origin or theoretical basis. SWOT analysis is a tool for matching organizational capabilities to market circumstances within the context of strategic planning.  It is an acronym for examining the internal Strenghts and Weakness, and external Opportunities and Threats faced faced by a firm. 

    Prepackaged SWOT Analysis

    Three databases typically include SWOT analyses:  Business Source Premier, Datamonitor, Lexis/Nexis Academic.  The major drawback to relying solely on these reports is that they are not done with a unique business problem in mind and they may not be timely.  With that said, they are still a good place to begin your SWOT analysis. 

    Datamonitor (where SWOT analyses can be found in Business Source Premier can only be searched by company name.  There are company reports for both domestic companies and foreign and publicly traded and private firms.  Not every Datamonitor company report includes a SWOT analysis.

    Example: I need a SWOT Analysis for the General Electric Company.

    Log into Lexis/Nexis Academic.

    • Go to the Get Company Info section and click Company Profiles
    • Change Everywhere to Company name with the pull-down menu and type General Electric Company into the box
    • Type swot into the second box
    • Make sure the box for All Company Information is selected
    • Click Search

    Example #2:  I need a SWOT Analysis for General Electric.

    Log into Business Source Premier

    • Type "SWOT ANALYSIS" in the top search box and select ALL TEXT in the dropdown box. 
    • On the second line, type in General Electric select CO Company Entity in the dropdown box.
    • Results will provide information about the company.