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Chemistry: Books

This guide will introduce chemistry resources available to Pepperdine University students.

Call Number Ranges for Chemistry

Circulating Books and Reference Books can both be found on the 1st floor of Payson Library.  While Reference Books and Circulating books are not housed in the same location on the 1st floor, they are both organized using Library of Congress call numbers.

In addition to searching for books on chemistry in the library catalog, you can also browse the shelves using these Library of Congress call number ranges to guide you. 

QD1-999                              Chemistry

QD1-65                                        General

Including alchemy

QD71-142                                     Analytical chemistry

QD146-197                                   Inorganic chemistry

QD241-441                                   Organic chemistry

QD415-436                                         Biochemistry

QD450-801                                   Physical and theoretical chemistry

QD625-655                                         Radiation chemistry

QD701-731                                         Photochemistry

QD901-999                                   Crystallography

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