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Printers and Copiers: Scan to email

Scan to Email using Canon Copiers

Scanning to email is free and you do not have to swipe your ID card to access the Send function on the copier.

  1. Place your document in the document feeder or on the platen glass
  2. Select "Send" from the touch panel 
  3. Select the File Format option (e.g., pdf, tiff, jpg)
  4. Select "E-mail" button and enter your email address (a keyboard will pop-up on the screen when you touch the box on the screen)
  5. Push the green "Start" button on the copier's main panel (the same button you use for photocopying) to begin scanning
* if you are using the document feeder on the top of the copier, the scan will automatically send after the last page has made it through the feeder
** if you wish to scan multiple pages on the platen glass, push the green Start button after you have positioned the additional book pages or documents
*** once you are done scanning and are ready for the document to be mailed to you select "Done" on the touch screen interface