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GSRE 199.02 Let Justice Roll (T Jones Jolivet): Setting up Google Scholar

This guide will help you get started researching topics in social justice for your first year seminar.

Why Set Google Scholar Preferences?

Pepperdine Libraries subscribes to a large amount of print and electronic content. By setting your Google Scholar preferences (as shown below), you will be better able to access these resources available to you as you search in Google Scholar.

Scholar Preferences vs. No Scholar Preferences

When Google Scholar preferences are set to "Pepperdine University - Find Full Text," you will see hyperlinks (highlighted) to the right of search results that will help you navigate to Pepperdine Library resources.  

If you do not see a "Find Full Text" hyperlinks, either (1) Pepperdine may not have the article or book or (2) your Scholar preferences are not set.

Google Scholar Settings - Library Links

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Step #4

Step #5