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International Programs: Heidelberg, Germany: Travel Tip

Local Hangouts

Local hangouts:

  • Emma cafe for pizza and coffee or hot chocolate
  • Shaftheute cafe which is literally right under the classrooms and they have good cheesecake
  • Walter's on Neugasse (street name) for cheap and DELICIOUS pasta
  • Penny markt is the cheapest grocery store and is on the corner by Walter's, but it's not the closest walk to the house
  • Gelato Go is just a few buildings down from the classrooms and is the BEST gelato place. However, all gelato places (except some obscure one somewhere) close during the winter.
  • Big Pommes is right across from the classrooms and is where you get fries and Doener. Very unhealthy but they make bank off of Pepperdine students
  • Club 1900 is good for dancing, although I've personally never been
  • Philosophenweg (aka Philosopher's Way) is a hike across the river that can take a really long time (2 hours or more), depending on how far you want to go. It's beautiful though and many have done it

I hope this helps!



ICE (Inter City Express) trains often need reservations (about 4.50 Euro per person).
If you have reservations but a train is late, get evidence of sorts (aka keep the paper with your reservation on it) so if you miss subsequent trains, you can get a refund.
Download and regularly update the Eurail app.
Download the City Maps 2 Go app.
Use airbnb instead of a hostel at some point--it's a very popular way to stay in someone's else's property for cheap (
Know where your hostel/airbnb is and how to get there from the train station or airport.
If you don't know who the obnoxious American is in your group, it's probably you. So then just embrace it because then it's more fun.
Don't stress about missing trains. And don't be afraid to look into every option in order to get somewhere! IC buses (connected with Deutsche Bahn, which works with your Eurail pass), flights...anything. A little persistence goes a long way.
Heidelberg Altstadt is a great train station for going short distances. We had to use it to visit our friend in the hospital when she broke her arm.
Always plan on rain. Even if it doesn't, an umbrella isn't that big.
Plans will fail; don't sweat it. Always have a backup.
Even though Ryanair is cheap, the airport is really far and pretty expensive.
Patience. Things are not always going to go your way. Go with the flow. Love the person in front of you (from today's house church message).
Be humble. Sometimes the stereotypical loud American tourist that you swore you would never be count not describe your group more perfectly. Embrace it.
The yellow departure (Abfahrt in German) sheet at the train station is your best friend, and there's always another train so don't fret!
Always have at least your Eurail and wallet and passports with you at all times.


places people go

People in the group have traveled to these places so far (plus some I'm sure I don't know about):
Black Forest/Berlin/Triberg/Wuerzburg/Rothenberg/Hamburg/Munich/Stuttgart, Germany
Lake Bled, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dublin, Ireland
Lisbon, Portugal
Porto, Portugal
Majorca (aka Mallorca), Spain
Canary Islands, Spain
Krakow, Poland
Brussels, Belgium
Budapest, Hungary
Paris, France
Nice, France
Marseilles, France
Strasbourg, France
Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy
Vatican City, Italy
Milan, Italy
Madrid, Spain
Vienna, Austria (our EFT....Students should go on their own if it isn't their EFT next year)
Zagreb/Split/Hvar, Croatia
Luxemburg, Luxemburg
Copenhagen, Denmark
Lausanne, Switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
London, England
Edinburgh, Scottland
Bukarest, Romania
St. Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Prague, Czech Republic