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Start Here: Beginning Your Research: Search Tips


Truncation allows you to get more out of your search term.

Often times the databases do not understand plurals.

For example:

A search of OIL SPILL might give you 70 Results.

A search of OIL SPILLS might give you 186 Results.

However a search of OIL SPILL* will give 203 Results.


Truncation Symbols Vary:

Library Catalog and Most Databases is: * (asterisk)

LexisNexis  Academic is: ! (Exclamation Point)

Nesting Searches

NESTING Gives you even more relevant results.

Question: I am look for information on Hybrid Cars?

By NESTING you can use both AND and OR: Hybrid  AND (Cars OR vehicles)


WITHOUT parenthese your results look very different.


Use these tips to get the most out of your search!!

Boolean Operators

Boolean operators allow you to combine your keywords into search query that the databases understand. The words AND, OR are the most commonly used Boolean operators. The third is NOT, which is difficult to use because it can exclude useful results. 

AND combines your search terms and looks for them together in search result. Example: A search for Hip Hop Music AND Rap Music will retrieve records that have both keywords; Hip Hop Music and Rap Music.

OR separates your search terms, finding records that contain either keyword. Example: A search for Hip Hop Music OR Rap Music will retrieve records that contain just one of the search terms as well as records with both of the search terms.

NOT finds records that only have the first keyword, excluding the second keyword. Example:  A search for Rap NOT Country will find only records containing the Rap but not the second keyword. However if there was an article title: Why Rap Music Tells a Better Story Than Country Music, the database will ignore the article even though it is useful because of the use of the Boolean Operator NOT. I do NOT recommend use of this Boolean Operator, it can be too exclusive and hurt your research.

Additional Examples

Question: I want to know more about music's influence on Urban Culture?

Your search should be constructed as an AND search using Music AND Urban. Your results will include records where both terms appear.


 Remember: AND gives you results in the middle LAND.

Question: I need to find information on Freeways?

Think of synonyms for the word, Freeways OR Highways will help you retrieve more results. 


Remember: OR Gives you MORE

Using "Quotes" does Phrase Searching or in simple terms, "keeps your words together."

This is great for title and concept searches.

For example a search on, "Dark side of the moon" will only give you results for those words together, not articles on astronomy and dark holes.