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Careers: Skype Interview Tips

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Tips For Skype Interview Success

Tech Support

Make sure you will not have technical difficulties. Check your internet connection, battery life and room lighting ahead of time.

Set the Stage

This is their first impression of you, make sure your space is clean and uncluttered. If you have too much stuff to hide, hang a plan background on a wall. Make sure you are well lit. Back lighting can make it difficult to see your face and read your emotions. Lights shining in their eyes is very distracting.

Keep Eye Contact

Make sure your computer or webcam is level with your eyes, you do not want to be looking down or up during the interview. Look at your webcam during the session, not the image of yourself on the screen.

Maintain Professional Dress

Get dressed as if you are going in for the interview, do your hair, wear the right clothes. Follow the dress for sucess guide.

Pay Attention to the Details

Your user name should be simple and nice, actual names or initials are prefered.
Check that your Skype picture is professional.

Quite on the Set

Make sure your space is quite. Send your roommates out, turn off any background noise. Don't have a Skype interview in a public space. If you need to, book a study room in the library.



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