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ENG 380 Tracking the North American Continent Throughout American Literature: Home

This course is a survey of American literature from pre-national times to the present.

Did you Know?

Paris Review Author Interview Collection

The Paris Review, a literary magazine featuring original writing, art, and in-depth interviews with famous writers, has placed its complete archive of author interviews  online, from 1953 to the present.

Includes interviews with Ralph Ellison, William Faulkner, Robert Frost, Allen Ginsberg, Ernest Hemingway, Arthur Miller, Ezra Pound, and William Carlos Williams.


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Historical Context

  For an overview of topics, consult the Encyclopedia of American Studies.

Access to a wide range of disciplines related to the history and cultures of the United States, from pre-colonial days to the present. It features articles covering areas such as history, literature, art, photography, film, architecture, urban studies, ethnicity, race, gender, economics, politics, wars, consumer culture, and global America; includes over 660 online, searchable articles and bibliographies.

Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of American Literature  Covers American authors from many periods and genres, building a broad understanding of the various contexts - from the biographical to the literary to the historical - in which literature can be viewed.

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Want to just browse the stacks?  Browse the following sections for books related to Literature:

PN 45-245 - Theory.  Criticism.  Authorship
PN 441-1009.5
- Literary History

PS 1-3576 - American Literature
PS 185-196 -
17th and 18th centuries
PS 201-217 - 19th century
PS 221-228 - 20th century
PS 229-231 - 21st century
- Colonial period (17th and 18th centuries)
- 19th century
- 20th century (1900-1960)
- 20th century (1961-2000)
- 21st century (2001-present)


Subject Guide

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Course Description

"This course is a survey of American literature from pre-national times to the present.  The thematic focus of our class will be evolving representations of the North American continent in American literature.  This lens will enable us to delineate various historical eras and literary movements from one another.  We will retain a flexible connection to this paradigm.  In other words, it is merely intended to provide us with a home base, a jumping off point into the endless ways in which these works intersect and differ from one another.  However, it is not an arbitrary selection on my part.  The North American continent has played an integral role in shaping American literature, and we live in an age when the declining health of our environment is forcing us to reconsider our ways of being in the world.  Thus, it is my hope that this course will encourage you to see reading and writing as indispensable mediums for exploring the human condition and enriching your relationships with the world around you.  The assigned readings for this course will include poetry, fiction, drama, and non-fiction."