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GSHU 199.09 Shaking up Storytime (S. Levine): Home

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Course Description

Pepperdine students have an opportunity to spread the love of reading picture books to children. Students will shake up storytime by learning how to transform it into a robust reading experience educators call Interactive Read-Alouds. This seminar aims to analyze the joy in reading aloud to children in K-5 and apply research-based strategies to enhance read-alouds. Students in this course will develop expertise in the Interactive Read-Aloud, become change agents in a local school district by training others on how to plan a robust reading experience, and will perform interactive read-alouds to children in our community. The course will dispel the preconceptions of storytime, demonstrating how to utilize reading aloud to children as a vehicle for vocabulary development and an opportunity for building background knowledge about the world

Online Picture Books

Free online picture books do exist.  You can find sources of historic pictures books on the Children's Literature InfoGuide .  A Google search for free online picture books will lead you to sites such as:  Oxford Owl (free registration is required) and Free Kids Books

Useful Databases

Why Read Aloud


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