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SOC 200 Introduction to Sociology (IP): Finding Information (articles, books, & encyclopedias)


Encyclopedias provide wonderful scholarly summaries/ overviews of topics.

  • Sometimes the author of the entry was asked to write because he or she is an expert on the topic - so look for other works he or she has written
  • Reviewing the bibliography, you may find a list of helpful articles. 

Finding Articles

Multidisciplinary Databases: 

 Sociology Subject Specific Databases: 

The Family and Child Development Databases: 


(Online) Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

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Data Sources

U.S. Census Bureau Home Page

FedStats The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.

General Social Survey Data and Information Retrieval System (GSS-DIRS) The GSS is widely regarded as the single best source of data on societal trends.

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research The world's largest archive of digital social science data.

National Opinion Research Center (NORC)

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research One of the world's leading archives of social science data, specializing in data from surveys of public opinion.

Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research, Internet Data Sources for Social Scientists An informal list of sites that CISER staff have found useful.

Bureau of Justice Statistics Includes statistics about: crime & victims, prosecution, federal justice system, criminal offenders, law enforcement, and more.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data Provides criminological and criminal justice data collections on specific topics.

National Institute on Aging Conducts research on aging processes, age-related diseases, and special problems and needs of the aged.

AARP Research Center Features authoritative information on issues affecting the 50+ population.