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MKTG 658.53 Fall 2017 (Carroll): Researching the Industry, Company, Competitors and Potential Market

This guide will provide an overview of important resources for your E2B Case Project.

Locating Industry and Market Information

Use IBIS world to access research reports with key statistics, industry conditions, market characteristics, industry performance, external market drivers, key success factors, and 5-year revenue forecasts. IBIS World will assist you with the following aspects of your Marketing Plan:

  • situation/market analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • distribution
  • financial evaluation

Several relevant industry reports can be located by searching for:

  • seminconductor
  • satellite

Business Source Premier provides industry profiles and company reports and is also useful for searching more than 2200 journals as well.

To locate a relevant Marketline industry report, search the following: 

  • semiconductor AND marketline AND industry profile

Finding Company Information

Who are the major competitors for your company? How do you find out?

First, identify companies in the industry.

  • Look at Industry Information (see above for locating Industry and Market Reports). What other companies are prominent in the industry?
  • Look at articles in Trade Publications (see below examples in Business Source Premier for tips on searching Trade Publications). What other companies are in the industry that are not necessarily major players being talked about? What companies are producing similar products?

Then, conduct Company Research.

  • PrivCo is a well-known source for business and financial research on non-publicly traded corporations, including family-owned, private equity-owned, venture-backed and international unlisted companies. You will have to create an individual account to view reports. If a particular private company is not included in the PrivCo database, we can request to have the PrivCo researchers crete profile.
  • LexisNexis provides access to company profiles, industry and market research information and trade journals when writing a SWOT analysis and researching companies.

Tip: Limit your search using the filters to access Hoovers for private company profiles by following these steps:

  • Click the link for Search by Content Type and select Company Profiles
  • Click Advanced Search
  • Click the box for Hoover's Company and Industry Reports
  • Type "Teradyne" into the box
  • Click Search
  • Select the record titled "Teradyne, Inc.  Hoover's Company Records - In-depth Records"
  • Business Source Premier is updated daily and includes not only company profiles, but also provides full-text access to newspapers, magazines, journals, and trade publications useful when writing SWOT anaylsis and doing company and competitor research. 

Tip: Try using Business Source Premier for company profiles and for trade publication articles using the following examples:

Example: I want a SWOT analysis for Teradyne

  • Type "teradyne" into the first box
  • Type "swot" into the second box

Example: I need articles on Teradyne and pricing

  • Type "teradyne" into the first box
  • Type "price OR pricing" into the second box



Marketing Information

Do you feel the marketing strategy should be aimed directly at companies that manufacture satellites or that make semiconductors for satellites?

If so, you may want to learn more about the major players in the semiconductor and satellite industry (hint: read the IBIS World reports, see above!) and then conduct company research on these businesses.

Or will your marketing plan be aimed at the US government?

If this is the case, you may want to check out the following e-books available anytime anywhere from ProQuest Central.