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Eng 201: English Studies: Home

Resources for your introduction to textual and literary analysis and methods of scholarship in English studies

Oxford English Dictionary

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Want to just browse the stacks?  Browse the following sections for books related to English & American Literature:

PN 45-245 - Theory.  Criticism.  Authorship
PN 441-1009.5 - Literary History
PN 1010-1525 - Poetry (theory, philosophy, treatment of, etc.)
PN 1600-3307 - Drama (treatment of, technique, etc.)

PR 1-9680 - English Literature
PR 171-236 - Anglo-Saxon
PR 251-369 - Medieval.  Middle English
PR 421-488 - Elizabethan
PR 431-439 - 17th century
PR 441-449 - 18th century

PR 451-469 - 19th century
PR 1490-1799 - Anglo-Saxon Literature
PR 1803-2165 - Early English. Middle English
PR 2199-3195 - English Renaissance (1500-1640)
PR 3291-3785 - 17th and 18th centuries (1640-1770)

PR 3991-5990 - 19th century (1770/1800-1890/1900)
PR 6000-6049 - 1900-1960
PR 6050-6076 - 1961-2000
PR 6100-6126
- 2001 -
PR 8309-9680 - English Literature: Provincial, local, etc.

PS 1-3576 - American Literature
PS 185-196 - 17th and 18th centuries
PS 201-217 - 19th century
PS 221-228 - 20th century
PS 229-231 - 21st century
PS700-893 - Colonial period (17th and 18th centuries)
PS991-3590 - 19th century
PS3500-3549 - 20th century (1900-1960)
PS3550-3576 - 20th century (1961-2000)
PS3600-3626 - 21st century (2001-present)

Course Description from catalog

This course provides an introduction to textual and literary analysis and methods of scholarship in English studies. Students learn to analyze works from different genres and to use their analyses to address issues and problems arising in reading specific texts. They also are introduced to the major bibliographies, guides, and online sources, and learn the research methods specific to the field. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, writing skills, and research.

Information about Journals

Online Guides

Why is searching the MLA Bibliography better than Google?

  • The MLA International Bibliography contains over 2.5 million records that pertain specifically to language and literature. Material from other disciplines, like biology or political science, is not included.
  • The Bibliography provides the most comprehensive listing of scholarly material in language, literature, culture, and folklore, including publications not available on the Web.
  • A professional indexing staff and scholars in relevant fields review books, essay collections, journals, bibliographies, and electronic publications to create the most accurate listing possible.
  • The materials covered come from reputable publishers in over one hundred countries.
  • Indexers use controlled vocabulary as subject headings, enabling more precise searches than user-chosen keywords would allow.
  • Each citation contains the information users need to create a bibliography as part of a research project.