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Helpful information, including examples, can be found on the Purdue OWL MLA Formating and Style Guide (8th ed.)

Additional information about the 8th edition of the MLA Style Handbook can be found in the MLA Style Center, including A Quick Guide to Works Cited, What's New and Ask the MLA (For example, you can find the answer to "How do I cite an image reproduced in a book?")


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Course Description

This course will focus intensely on the writers Thomas Hardy and Virginia Woolf.  We will consider Hardy as a proto-modernist in the study of his novels The Return of the NativeThe Mayor of Casterbridge, and Jude the Obscure.  With Woolf, we will trace her experiments in modernism, as we read Mrs. DallowayTo the LighthouseA Room of One’s Own, and her autobiography Moments of Being.  Hardy and Woolf will be considered in their historical, cultural, literary, and social contexts, including their relationships with other writers such as Robert Louis Stevenson, J. M. Barrie, Rudyard Kipling, Sarah Grand, T. E. Lawrence, E. M. Forster, John Maynard Keynes, Henry James, James Joyce, Vanessa Bell, T. S. Eliot, and Katherine Mansfield. 


Newspapers can provide you with valuable information. They include book reviews, author interviews, etc. Historical Newspapers can also provide you with information on how the book was received when it was published, if it was published within the papers date range.