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ENG 435 The Return of King Arthur (Topics in British Literature Post-1800): Home

Arthurian legends play a prominent role in modern literature and entertainment


Arthurian Legend

Course Description

Though they are many centuries old, Arthurian legends play a prominent role in modern literature and entertainment.  Arthurian stories have been reinvented over the centuries to suit changing cultural notions.  We will examine how literature and film have dealt with these legends in English beginning with Thomas Malory’s Morte Darthur written in the fifteenth century but will primarily focus on nineteenth- and twentieth-century adaptations.

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PN 45-245 - Theory.  Criticism.  Authorship
PN 441-1009.5
- Literary History

PR 1-9680 - English Literature
PR 1803-2165 -
Early English. Middle English
PR 2199-3195
English Renaissance (1500-1640)
PR 451-469
- 19th century
PR 3991-5990 - 19th century (1770/1800-1890/1900)
PR 6000-6049 - 1900-1960
PR 6050-6076
- 1961-2000
PR 6100-6126
- 2001 -


Companion to Arthurian Literature


Cambridge History of English and American Literature

A comprehensive encyclopedia of English and American literature derived from individual print editions of The Cambridge History of English literature and The Cambridge History of American literature, published between 1907 and 1921. Several entries cover the Arthurian Legend. (Also search 'King Arthur')

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