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ENG 425 Medieval Literatures of Devotion and Dissent [Topics in British Literature (pre-1800)]: Home

This course focuses on the devotional and didactic literature written in the 14th and 15th centuries that set the stage for widespread religious reform in the 16th century.


Labourer with spade (Piers Plowman)

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PN 45-245 - Theory.  Criticism.  Authorship
PN 441-1009.5 - Literary History

PR 1-9680 - English Literature
PR 1803-2165 - Early English. Middle English
PR 2007 .K4 - Margery Kempe
PR 2010-2018 - William Langland (Piers Plowman)

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Cambridge History of English and American Literature

A comprehensive encyclopedia of English and American literature derived from individual print editions of The Cambridge History of English literature and The Cambridge History of American literature, published between 1907 and 1921. Several entries cover Piers Plowman and the Middle Ages.

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