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ECNM 469 Managerial Economics - Dr. Jasso: Welcome

This course analyzes the economics of the enterprise ; examines industrial organization, and considers the similarities and differences of resource allocation in the private versus the public sectors.

Managerial Economics

from the Oxford English Dictionary:

That branch of economics that deals with small-scale economic factors; the economics of the individual firm, product, consumer, etc., rather than the aggregate of such individuals.

1943   Econometrica 11 59   To what extent does the characteristically Keynesian case hold when the critic makes a first step back toward microeconomics by segregating earning assets into broad subclasses?
1948   K. E. Boulding Econ. Anal. (rev. ed.) xiii. 259   There are two main branches of modern economic analysis, to which the names ‘microeconomics’ and ‘macroeconomics’ may conveniently be given. Microeconomics is the study of particular firms, particular households, individual prices, wages, incomes; individual industries, particular commodities.
1960   A. Cairncross Introd. Econ. (ed. 3) ii. 23   When he is talking about the decisions made in an individual business the economist is in the realm of micro-economics.
1974   Sci. Amer. Jan. 27/2   A social decision, one not based entirely on microeconomics must be made on the value of the land to the society as a whole.
1987   Amer. Econ. Rev. 77 340/2   The CGE framework provides a simple laboratory for evaluating a number of aspects of the practices of applied microeconomics.
1996   Ecol. Applic. 6 979/1   Textbooks at the time barely mentioned the environment and concentrated instead on the microeconomics of supply, demand, and price formation.



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